Abandoned Cart Email Examples: 5+ Best Templates

An email that is sent to clients who are on the verge of making a purchase to persuade them to finish their transaction is known as an abandoned cart email. One strategy for converting lost business and converting a lost prospect into a brand devotee is to send abandoned cart emails.

On this blog, Morgan Jacobson, an inbound marketing professional on HubSpot’s e-commerce team, discussed abandoned cart emails.

Abandoned Cart Email Examples: 1

Dear [name of the recipient]

I’ve developed my legal research and writing skills over the course of my [Mention the number] years as a paralegal, and the attorneys I’ve worked with have praised my knowledge of case law and litigation support.

The [Mention the number] years that [Mention the name of the organization] has been in business show that the firm has solid values and top-notch attorneys, and I would be excited to be a part of such a competent group.

I built a new calendar system during my stay here to guarantee the prompt submission of court documents. Due to this technique, internal and client meetings have been more effectively organized, and no deadlines have been missed.

I previously worked as a paralegal for the [Mention the name of the organization] and was praised for my optimistic outlook and general support of the legal team. While I was employed there, I developed and put into action a plan for digitizing their outdated records while maintaining security and privacy. When preparing for client meetings and legal proceedings, this increased efficiency.

My further credentials include a [Mention the degree] degree from [Mention the name of the university], a paralegal certificate, and instruction in the [Mention the name of the office], Westlaw, and [Mention the name] databases. I would adore the chance to talk about how I might help your legal team. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in advance and eagerly await your response.


[Name or company of the sender]

[Signature or logo of the sender, if]

Abandoned Cart Email Examples: 2

Dear [name of the recipient]

I have difficulty. See, I presently have [Mention the number] unread emails in my inbox, including newsletters from at least [Mention the number] different brands, which is embarrassing.

But this issue simply makes me more passionate about writing emails that are worthwhile to open. Because, in my opinion—as someone who struggles to even go through their own stack of mail—that’s a real victory.

I have been a long-time follower of [Mention the name] and can confidently state that I read every email you send to me. Take a [Mention the name]. We’ll [Mention the name of the company] you soon is one of my favorite subject lines, and I love how your email content feels both lighthearted and supported by industry knowledge.

I’m excited to submit my application for the position of email marketing manager at your business because of this.

I also started a newsletter called your credit matters with the goal of teaching our customers how to utilize and manage their credit. This newsletter quickly rose to the top of our list in terms of open and click-through rates.

I previously worked with the sales and product teams at [Mention the name of the company] as a part of the marketing team to see how I might help them achieve their quarterly targets.

When compared to directly paid ad campaigns, one particular project that involved creating customized emails for customers brought back more visitors to our website after [Mention the number] days. As a result, our revenue increased by [Mention the percentage] from the previous quarter.

I’m rigorous in my editing and revisions of the text I write and the calendars I oversee, and I believe my background and zeal would tremendously aid Vitabe in further improving its email program for success. I appreciate your consideration and time very much. I’m interested in hearing from you.


[Name or company of the sender]

[Signature or logo of the sender, if]

Abandoned Cart Email Examples: 3

Dear [name of the recipient]

I’ve been dancing since I learned to walk. And I’ve been devoted to [Mention the name] ever since I was able to read. A ballerina who battled an accident early in her career and went on to become a principal dancer at [Mention the name] was once one of your local heroes, and I hung the article above my young bed. Today, it’s still there.

That piece, along with the many others you’ve written, taught me that dancing is more than simply arabesques and pirouettes and that the right sort of writer can highlight elements of the discipline that make it unexpected, powerful, and all-encompassing. I am that author.

For the past [Mention the number] and a half years, my primary duty as an editorial assistant at [Mention the name of the company] has been to get all of our content ready for the site’s launch.

This involved fact-checking, editing, adding [Mention the name] where appropriate, and locating images, videos, and [Mention the name] to enhance the material and increase reader interaction.

I got very comfortable with our internal [Mention the name] as I fiddled with each post. I was able to obtain a thorough understanding of what makes a piece really connect with our audience by reviewing every single article we released and monitoring responses and engagement.

It has been a dream come true to work with my team to create the best content library we can. I would be ecstatic to apply my expertise to further [Mention the name] objectives. And I aspire to someday create a tale that a different young dancing enthusiast would permanently attach to their wall. It would be a privilege to join your editorial staff, and I’m looking forward to the chance to talk with you about the opportunity.


[Name or company of the sender]

[Signature or logo of the sender, if]

Abandoned Cart Email Examples: 4

Dear [name of the recipient]

I’ve been working in the email abandoned cart industry for more than [Mention the number] years. I was able to implement new email campaigns at [Mention the name of the company] in my present position that focused on re-engaging churned customers.

In comparison to the prior year, we were able to increase email subscribers by [Mention the percentage] and convert [Mention the percentage] of those subscribers to make a purchase by analyzing data about the types of customers.

My job path hasn’t been completely straightforward like many others have. I enrolled at a nearby coding Bootcamp following my departure from [Mention the name].

I graduated from computer programming school [Mention the number] months later with a credential and the knowledge that I did not want to work as a coder. But education is always worthwhile. I’m currently a budding sales representative with expertise in managing a successful sales team and in-depth technical understanding.

But writing has been, by far, my favorite part of this job. I submit and write at least one article per week, ranging in length from [Mention the number] words for news to [Mention the number] words for guidance to even larger pieces for features and personal essays.

I enjoy the challenge of creating proposals that reflect the company’s brand and objective, are consistent with the data trends we see, and let me use my creative flair.

I was naively browsing [Mention the name of the company] on a [Mention the day] night about [Mention the time] PM in search of a present for my closest friend’s birthday. But then, it took place. I felt the need to buy everything.

I put everything I wanted in my cart but abandoned it when I saw the final price was [Mention the amount]. Emails urging me to complete the purchase were sent to me after I hesitated to check out.


[Name or company of the sender]

[Signature or logo of the sender, if]

Abandoned Cart Email Examples: 5

Dear [name of the recipient]

[Mention the name of the company] sales director was in a difficult situation. Before boarding a trip to [Mention the name], she required [Mention the number] customer meetings arranged, [Mention the number] service transactions completed, and an overview of the team’s new lead generation campaign written—all within three hours.

She then asked her logical, sales-savvy administrative assistant for assistance. I was that helper. I not only completed all of the tasks on her list, but I also did it before her plane took off.

For [Mention the number] years, I supported the business development team by keeping pace with a busy, growth-driven sales leader. I juggled a variety of competing tasks as the department’s only administrative assistant, from scheduling meetings and entering data to getting in touch with clients, concluding deals, and producing marketing collateral.

I gained a thorough understanding of the sales cycle, sales strategy, and pipeline expansion thanks to this position. Here is some further information regarding how my experience would apply to this position:

I helped [Mention the name] plan three annual sales strategy rollouts that resulted in an average [Mention the percentage]  increase in the pipeline. I assisted [Mention the number] independent team members at [Mention the name of the company] in generating leads.

Every quarter, I also helped with the processing of an average of [Mention the number] sales transactions. I thrive in chaotic, constantly-changing settings where I must speak effectively and briefly. I was able to hone these talents while assisting a high-volume team and a busy executive—I frequently sent more than [Mention the number] emails every day!

I sincerely appreciate your consideration of me and would be happy to organize a time for us to talk about the position and my experience.


[Name or company of the sender]

[Signature or logo of the sender]

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