Ultimate Guide To Build Your Email Sales Funnel

Email marketing strategies are effective tools for marketers to use. It helps in generating as well as converting more sales leads.

When you are using it effectively, it can boost the increased lead’s interest, improve revenue generation, and lower marketing costs.

Understanding how you can design as well as implement in your email sales funnel can help in aligning the efforts in sales and marketing. Here, you can understand different stages, their benefits, and how you can build one for yourself.

What To Know About Email Sales Funnel? 

As an email sales funnel, it’s a description of how a marketer is going to concert the sales leads into their customer.  It includes sending regular emails containing promotion and education content. 

However, successful marketers can predict what their customers need depending on what sage they are before they create the sales funnel. 

Well, email sales funnels are useful, however from traditional marketing strategies, it has great differences which bug sales leads, sending spam emails. 

When you are using an email sales funnel, you can create valuable relationships with the recipient through emails aiming for promotion and education. 

The right email automation tools can help in simplifying the build of an email sales funnel.   You can get to know about what and when actions your prospect will take, either they will skip or do what you are hoping. 

Such information helps in writing personalized emails and improving the chances of getting sales. 

What Are The Stages Of Email Sales Funnel? 

Email sales funnel includes five basic stages. It helps in understanding on which stage your recipient is and what action you need to take to encourage them to jump to the next. 

When a recipient covers all the five stages, then you get the sales and a potential customer for your company. 

To understand it better, here are those basic five stages you get in the email sales funnel.  It includes: 

stages of email sales funnel

The Awareness Stage 

The first stage is known as the awareness stage, where your customer is called a prospect and finds out about the business you do. It can be from different ways such as online, recommendation, or referral. 

They register using the email newsletter.  The prospect learns about the brand through doing the search, display ads, social media, etc. 

This is why it is important that your business should have its online presence such as creating websites, social media accounts, and blogs. 

Also, invest in advertising in order to boost the awareness of your targeted audience. 

Even after the prophet learns about what your business is about,  there are still chances they won’t drop their email address especially if they are not feeling what value it brings. 

So you need to create an offer that can be attractive and encourage prospects to subscribe to your email newsletter. 

It can be free ebooks, discounts, and many more. 

Engagement Stage 

The next stage is when you are sending emails that emphasize the pain point of the prospects and position the services as the solution. 

In this stage, the focus is on boosting the engagement, some customers might be unaware of their problems, so if they are getting regular education emails, there are high chances to have belief in expertise and trust you build.

With this, your customer invests in engaging with the brand. 

Consideration Stage 

Once your prospect is invested in what you offer, the next comes consideration. 

They realized that you are offering them the services which will help in solving their problem. 

However no one simply purchases the product or service, they tend to get reluctant. 

So here you need to send the emails which focus on promoting your services and products, make sure it’s relevant and solve the issues. 

With the help of promotional email, it will encourage the sales leads for purchasing the services. You can add time-sensitive offers to act fast. 

Conversion Stage 

The conversion stage is when your prospect becomes the customer by purchasing the services and products you offer, 

However, still, there are most of your leads who are not going to convert by themselves without offering them the right offer. 

So you need to pitch the solution and create urgency by using the strategies of sales as well as marketers for boosting the conversion.

Retention Stage

The conversion stage ends with doing a single transaction, however, the retention stage focuses on keeping the attention of the customer even after they did their purchase. 

To increase the retention rates, you need to continue engaging the customer. 

Here you need to send the emails focusing on offers, upsell and cross-sell products.  The more relevant and based on their previous behavior, the high chances of sales you get. 

Also, it saves you from engaging the customer from the start as you have your loyal customer.  This reduces the time and money invested along with efforts. 

What Are The Benefits of Email Sales Funnel? 

Email sales funnels are important, however before you jump on how you can create one for yourself, here are some of the benefits to consider. 

email sales funnel benefits

It includes : 

Reducing Time And Money On Marketing 

The most crucial advantage you get is to reduce the money and time you spend on marketing. 

Once you successfully build an email sales funnel that is bringing you the result, you can use the funnel again for acquiring new leads. 

With this, it can help you in saving time and money for business, and you can use the opportunity for diverting the new initiative. 

Generating More Loyal Advocates 

With the right use of the email sales funnel, you are putting the customer at the core of your company. Here you are creating personalized emails and offering them offers for attracting their attention. 

If you provide quality services after you convert them into your paid customer, they might become advocates for the business, helping in creating awareness towards the brand among their peers and people. 

Help In Automating Sales 

With an effective sales funnel, you can generate sales and it gets on autopilot even if you are going on vacation. 

When you prospect the subscribers for the newsletter, an email automation service will take them to the sales funnel until they end up buying the products. 

Boost The Sales Conversion Rate 

If you market services through personalized emails, the prospects help you in directly talking to your customers. 

With the help of emails appeal for the prospect emails as well as convincing to make a product. 

How To Build Your First Email Sales Funnel?

There are several ways that can help you in building email sales funnel.  With this, not just do you improve the effectiveness and make more sales,  there are strategies for building the high converting the sales funnel, it includes : 

Step 1: Generate The Sales Lead Into The Funnel 

There are first steps that you need in building an effective email sales funnel, this helps in getting prospects to sign up for the email service. 

So you can generate the traffic for your sales funnels, with the right methods including newsletters, lead magnets, and webinars. 

Prospects may register for an email newsletter, and it only happens when you are offering content that is valuable for them. 

So you need to boost the content, target the audience and can relate and use the content as the lead magnets. 

Newsletter opt-ins work for the business offering the solution which is unique or helpful for the website content. 

Emphasizing what unique solution can help in landing page and insulin form where prospect and share their email address. 

Step 2: Build The Trust And Authority Using Personalized Emails 

Once you get the attention of your prospect, to your email sales funnel, send education emails for building trust and authority. 

Such emails focus on the individual needs of your prospect and reveal the service for the solution.

Consider creating the emails much more personalized for email automation tools which you can use for this. 

The tools can help you in segmenting the list based on what and how your prospects are signed up for. 

Once you know what attracts their attention, it is easy to anticipate the needs and write emails that are much more personalized.

You can add the case studies, information regarding webinars, customer reviews, etc. 

Step 3:  Converting Prospect Into Your Customer 

Now once you get a solid sales relationship with the leads, you can encourage them to make the purchase. 

Even when the customer knows about the brand and solution you have for their problems. but still, they are not ready to buy it. 

So you need to send them a few conversion emails to push them to purchase the product. 

Some of the examples you can consider are:

Time-sensitive offer 

Emails that have information related to discounts and coupons can help in gathering attention and push you to take action. 

Re-Targeting emails 

Another one that you can do is when your prospect abandons the carts before they purchase, this email uses ads to persuade them to purchase the product. 

Step 4:  Retaining The Customers

It’s easier than convincing the existing customers to purchase the products and services instead of a new lead. 

So if you are retaining the customers, they likely purchase more than one time.

Actively engaging with the existing customers means you don’t have to go through whole post-sales activities for helping increase retention and provide opportunities for doing the upsell, cross-sell and get the referrals.

Tips To Follow For Converting More Email Sales Funnel 

In order to boost your email sales funnel, there are different tips you require for converting more leads. 

Here are some of the successful tips you can consider, and it includes :

converting more sales funnel

Focus On Writing Great Cop

That won’t be simple, however, it doesn’t have to be intimidating. 

The key here is writing the copy for simplifying the process instead of complicating it. 

However, when you write the email copy, make sure you are focusing on writing what appeal and convert instead of  boosting chances of subscribers and leads,

Do Not Make It Overcomplicated 

When you are creating your copy, you need to focus on not making it over-complicated and focus on keeping it simple, keeping the opt-in simple. 

There are different options you get in customizing the option, you need to be smart when you are picking what to use. 

Avoid creating clutter, And the cluster can be an issue that distracts the receipt from the idea and main message. 

  • Choose fonts that are just 2 or 3.
  • Don’t be afraid of using the whitespace as a friend. 
  • Keep the colors in line along with the brand, design hierarchy tips for improving with opt-in appealing and conversion potential conversion.

Optimize  Your Form Fields  Number

Another aspect that you can consider, this helps you in making and breaking the conversion. 

It’s important that you are not adding too many field numbers,  and focus on optimizing what you have. 

You will want to make things as complicated as possible here.  It is good practice to use only the files between 2 or 4 forms for the opt-in to get much more maximum results. 

Don’t ask for additional information that you are not going to use. 

Make it much more simpler and fast for the users in order to fill in forms along with hitting the CTA button. 

Make Your CTA Button Pop 

It’s paramount to get the right CTA button which helps in getting many subscribers from the opt-in form. 

Using the CTA like subscribe is a little too bland, and it won’t attract and convert many people. To peak the interest of the user, try to experiment with different ones and other options you get. 

Use humor, you can get much more personal and always use action words. 

Go back to the idea of talking like a good friend, so don’t just ask them to sign up. 

Focus On Emphasizing Benefits 

There are different emails that your recipient will get, however you need to offer something more than that. 

Focus on emphasizing the benefits of your products and services. 

No one is going to share their personal information without anything in return, in order to make it up for them, you need to offer something in return. 

Add Social Proof To Your Email

In order to make people believe in what you are offering and it actually helps them. 

However, you need to add social proof so you entrust yourself with email and their information. 

Make Your  Subject Line Catchy 

It’s important that you are focusing on creating a much more creative subject line so you can gather the attention of the people and make them focus on the email. 

So make it much more attention-grabbing, this helps you in improving the chances of getting open rates,