CampaignMonitor Review (2022): Features, Pricing, Pros And Cons

Regardless of having your own eCommerce store or you are just starting out, in both you are going to need the email marketing software that can be effective for your business.

Choosing the right one can be a trick, there are a lot of popular names like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.

Campaign Monitor is one of those, it’s a well-established name and one of the recommended options.

But to understand if this one is going to be right for you or not, here is a detailed review to check.

What To Know About Campaign Monitor?

Well, it was early in the ’00s when the Companion monitor became one of the leading companies in Australia, offering the most exciting technology firm of the century.

Campaign Monitor was tested in the garage by friends Ben Richardson and Dave Greiner in Syndant, and now the company has more offices across UK, Australia, and the USA.

Campaign minor is a web app that allows users to gather the data to the mailing list online along with that you can manage and send HTML newsletters as well.

This one is  softer as a service tool where you don’t own the app, but pay their monthly fees in order to use it

  • Its largely used for
  • Sending the mass mail outs
  • Analyzing the results

Programming autoresponders which are triggered by doing certain actions, for example buying a product or joining in a  list.

The email marketing solution is also for quick and easy design to personalize messages for the customers.

How Does Campaign Monitor Pricing Work?

There are three types that you will find in their pricing plan.

It includes Basic, Unlimited, and Premium.

 Different plans start at the different price ranges and some differences in features, but with three, you are allowed to do –

  • Accessing the support via email.
  • You can host the mailing list and send messages
  • You can use the library they offer for templates, and with the help of a drag and drop email builder to create personalized messages.
  • You can access the stats of your mail or our performances.
Integration You Get With Campaign Monitor 

However, the three plans have their key differences too.

The Basic Plan

Campaign Monitor offers the basic plan which limits the number of emails that are allowed to be sent in a month.

For example, if you have a mailing list that consists of around 500 email addresses, here you are allowed to send 2500 messages per month.

If you move the scale-up and have an email address of 30, 000. you get the limit of 250,000 sends.

When you choose the basic plan, it also restricts the autoresponder to a drip campaign

The Unlimited Plan

The next one you get here is an unlimited plan which removes the cap on email numbers that are words to send.

Also, you can use the autoresponder functionality, including g the branching where the actions like open clicks can trigger the emails.

Apart from this, you get access to faster email support and inbox along with spam tester sing options.

Here you can also tailor your e-newsletters send times so you can match with the time zone of your subscribers.

Premier Plan

In the premier plan, you get access to all features that the unlimited plan offers.

On top of that, you get access to phone support.

Here you have the template controls where you can design so you can prevent the team from creating communications that are widely off-brand.

They also provide advanced link tracking, you can use features like send-time optimization.

Here you can send the e-newsletter according to what customers mostly like to open.

Now, as for the payments for the services. It depends on the type of company you have and the plan you are choosing.

Also, it depends on the list you have, and the size of it, for example

  • If you have a database of 500 emails, the basic plan will cost you $9 per month, whereas Unlimited will cost $29 and the premier will cost $149 per month.
  • If you have a database of 25000 email addresses, it will cost you $199 if you are choosing a basic plan, $399 for unlimited, and $499 for premier per month.
  • If the email list increases more than 50,000, the basic plan includes $299 per month,  Unlimited will cost $699 per month, and $989 for premier.

Is It Affordable Or Costly To Choose CampaignMonitor?

There is no getting away from the fact that the plans are actually extraordinarily high.

It costs you $29 per month to send unlimited emails where you have 500 records.

As compared to other competitors, Getresposne charges around $15 to send an unlimited number of emails containing 1000 addresses.

Also, there are no free trial options here. However, you can use the free account where you can try their services except sending the mass mailouts.

Here you only send emails to 5 people if you are using a free account which is a major drawback.

What Are The Features That You Get With Campaign Monitor?

They have the features which depend on the plan you are choosing, it’s divided into the packages.

Main Features Of Campaign Monitor

However, to know more about it, here is the list of features that you will get.

Contact Manager

With the feature, you get a decent contact manager which is also in their basic features.

This helps in email marketing apps which you will find if you are using the campaign monitor.

List Segmentation

List segmentation is a useful feature that you get here, it helps in segmenting by the product preferences.

Template Selection

You get more than 100 templates that are ready-made and available for use.

Template Editor

The powerful and simple to use, this one drag and drop style editor that you get within the app.

The priority is the template language which is able for deeper control.

Analytic Suits

You can set the KPI and see the performance of your email against them.

Also, you can monitor the engagement and survivors’ growth over time.

Google Analytics Integration

Here it’s another feature that is quite useful, that you get with the campaign monitor.

This saves time and also makes the integration much more effective.

RSS Feed Integration

This one allows you to send a campaign automatically whenever you make an update on the website.


The surveys are powered by the GetFeedback, heer you can create an engaging and easy-looking survey within your email campaign.


Create your welcome sir in your email campaign or create a drip campaign.

Social Media Marketing

This makes it super easy for the subscribers to connect with your brand using social media.

Also, they can like on Facebook, tweet about the campaign  via the social media integrations

Image Hosting

You can create a custom image that can be uploaded and posted using the campaign monitor.

A/B Split Testing

Well, one of the highly useful advanced techniques available on their basic package.

Inbox Previews

The inbox previews the email more than 20 different inboxes.

This makes sure that your email sends look good with no formatting issues.

Well, these inbox previews are limited to the Unlimited plan.

Span Scoring Checking

This is one of the indispensable email marketing features. It also runs the media through the spam filters which help at their server, desktop, and firewall level.

This is available for the unlimited plan.

Time Zone Sending

This maximizes the email performance by setting different time zones depending on the countries while scheduling the emails.

This one is limited to Unlimited plans.

Send Time Optimization

This one makes sure that the campaign monitor has the advanced analytics that provides the statistics which help in sending emails.

This is also available for each individual subscriber based on their interaction.

Template Management For Teams

An important feature is branding.

This allows the assigned template permission for the design and content.

The template management for the team is for premier plans.

Advance link Tracking

This one can be used for 3rd party tools such as coremetrics and Webtrends.

This allows you to track the email performance. Also, this one is advanced link tracking for premier plans.

Send time optimization is available for premier.

What Are The Other NoteWorthy Features You Get?

Well, one of the most noteworthy features you get here is campaign monitor integration.

Here you get more than 250 apps as well as services catering to the complete diverse needs of e-business under different categories like billing, eCommerce, surveys, analytics, forms, and publishing. 

The next feature that you get is integration with a large number of applications.

This supports the highly popular WordPress cms or content management system.

Integration of other popular platforms of the CMS like Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Here you get the availability of developer API to another plus.

You also get the iPhone app which is offered.

Here you get the campaign monitor which integrates high-end eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, etc.

This allows you to leverage the powerful customer data to your store which creates emails more precise and timely.

You get the important data that you get from the campaign monitor which is simple.

This allows you to choose from files like :

  • CSV
  • TXT
  • XLS
  • XLSX
  • vCard

You get the copy and paste the information through files directly to the campaign monitor.

This is very easy and you choose the segments or the whole list.

What Are The Pros Of Using Campaign Monitor?

 Campaign Monitor have different services that can help you and improve the results,

Here is the list of pros that you will get.

Pros Of Using Campaign Monitor

Beautiful And Visual Templates

Campaign monitor offers 60 templates for emails that are professionally designed.

Even though the numbers are a little less as compared to the competitor, the templates stand out the most as they are more visually good.

The template is responsive and has a drag and drop builder.

You can also incorporate an array of fonts.

The templates you get here are more visually defined in order to get the attention and the results.

Easy And Simple Automation

Campaign Monitor offers easy automation which sets up the automated workflow.

You can simply use the different triggers  including website visit, email opens, clicked link and purchase product,

The flowchart menu features where you have the yes or no condition makes it easier to design the customer journey.

Also here you can set up the reminders and create the emails which are RSS triggered.

Good Reporting

Campaign Monitor has a good selection when it comes to real-time reports, inducing subscribers, clicked links, customer bounces, open rates, social shares, etc.

Here you get the heat maps that help in understanding how and when the website started to engage the customers.

Apart from this, you get the comparison reports which makes simpler much more effective.

Offering Options For Segmentation

The platform offers you a segmentation approach that is truly flexible.

As compared to the competitors, you get to send emails to multiple lists and all at once.

You can also exclude the segment from the list and create the unlimited list which is based on multiple criteria including the purchase history, contacts behavior, interests, location, etc.

What Are The Cons Of Using Campaign Monitors?

There are some of the limitations that you get when you are using or considering using the campaign monitor. It includes

Offering Limited Split Testing

Campaign monitor offers the testing function which is basic as compared to the company’s platform that has much effectiveness and advances.

The software allows you to test only 2 emails per person.

Also, you can do it according to the subject leader. Content, sender, etc like simple criteria.

Whereas other platforms allow multiple variants and use different send times.

However, you get the compensation as their campaign monitor offers spam testing.

There Is No Free Plan

Campaign monitors have no options or offer free plans.

Here you get the basic plan which allows you to send only 2500 emails per month along with analysis and basic automation.

Also to use this plan, you need to pay $9 per month.

Campaign Monitor does offer the platform trail to test the features.

What You Get From Customer Support?

To those who are choosing the unlimited and basic plans which have slightly aggressive support.

The basic plan offers email support, while the unlimited package offers the same but emails as the priority.

This is in contrast to the tool where you get constant contact where you get the live chat and phone support in all their packages.

You get the feedback from the customer email which is good as compared to a campaign monitor.

They offer the FAQ section to the website which is clean and allows you to search via using the keyword.

Apart from that, you get phone support for 24 hours which supports you from Monday to Friday.

However, you need to sign up for the premier plan that costs you $149 per month.

Why It’s For You And Why It Is Not?

There is no doubt that campaign monitors have their own set of features that makes the software ideal for certain uses.

When you do not have the free trial, It makes you pay for it, and also using the money or investing time for something you don’t know about can be risky.

That’s why it’s important to know if it’s recommended for you or not.

As for the recommendation, it’s for you if :

You Are Looking For Creating Attractive Emails

The platform features the amazing secretion where you get the email temples which are professionally designed.

Also, you can get the population with content. However, they have templates that are easy to adapt and to serve different goals.

You can use this for promotional emails, outreach emails, welcome emails, and newsletters.

You Are Looking For Sending Unlimited Emails

However, for this, you have to pick their second subscription, also known as the Unlimited plan.

The plan offers you no limit on the number of emails that you can send.

To get more features but with unlimited emails, you can consider their premier plan.

You Are Looking For Simple List Segmentation

Campaign monitor allows the easiest list process segmentation that you can find along with the wide array of criteria.

Apart from this, you can track the contacts which enhance the segmentation process.

For example, you can use google analytics which can see which region you need to focus on more.

You can find the prebuilt segments on this platform.

However, it’s not recommended for you if you are –

You Are Looking For Large Contact List

Although you can get the plans started at $9 per month on Campaign Monitor.

But the price can increase if you are looking for a subscriber list.

For example, if you have the basic plan, then you need to pay $49 if you want 5000 contacts.

As for 8,000 contacts, it will charge $89.

You also need to pay for the unlimited plans as it charges $149  and for the premier plan that charges $249 for 8000 contacts.

You Need The Full Suite Automation Within Limited Budget

Campaign monitors offer you features that are great for automation.

And it’s also easy to use but the only problem is that you need to choose the highest plan that costs a lot of money to get the full suite of automation.

If you are having a limited budget, it might not be the ideal solution for you.