10 Best Email Marketing Software For Ecommerce Stores

Since we have several social media channels, emails are easy to forget but it still holds the most powerful method which is available for the online retailers.

Regardless you are going with off clicks, overall ROI, or conversation.

In fact, email has a median Roi that is 122% four times much better than any method you choose from the marketing, including paid search, direct mail, and social media.

Why Email Marketing Is Important For Ecommerce Stores?

E-Commerce sites have been going through a lot of challenges. Abandoned shopping cards are one of the biggest problems they have.

Email marketing doesn’t just improve the conversation, sales but it also reduces the chances of getting a boarded shopping cart.

As e-commerce customer who receives the abandoned shopping cart emails multiple times have 2.4 times to come back and complete the purchase as compared to those who haven’t received any

Apart from this, email marketing holds importance because :

  • With this, you can provide the direct link and it establishes a hassle-free relationship between the businesses and customers.
  • It also allows the easiest to grow the trend of being personalized.
  • It also permits gathering as well as testing the data-driven insights.
  • It is also the best way to segment and target your customers by offering customized offers and promotions.

What Are The Best Email Marketing Softwares For You?

To get the benefits of email marketing, you are going to need the software that can help you.

However, every email marketing service is going to be a little different, but most of them offer similar basic features.

But it can be difficult to differentiate between what is available in options and futures that also suit your requirement.

Here are some of the basic features that you should consider in every email marketing service.

  • It should come with premade templates that can be easy to customize and use according to your requirement.
  • The advice segment feature is important as it will help you in sending the emails to targeted audiences based on the customer’s profiles.
  • Opt-in forms so you can embed them on the website and integrate them with the store.
  • Detailed analysis that can report and give you information regarding how your email marketing campaign is performing.
  • Also, make sure that no matter what review you choose, you can handle the intended volume of emails you are sending.

Once you are set to go, here is the email marketing software that you can consider choosing for your eCommerce campaign.

Email Softwares For Ecommerce Stores


Klaviyo is good for you if you are looking to get ready to go all-in on your email marketing efforts.

This one is considered as the true email marketing tool that you can consider for your e-commerce.

Developed especially for the purpose that’s why they have more than 32000 eCommerce business, that includes small, medium and large.

Also, the reason why it’s so successful and efficient is the capacity Klaviyo offers.

You will get all the commerce platforms integrated with this one including Woocomerce, Commerce Cloud, Shopify, ShopifyPlus, BigCommerce, Magento, etc.

The pricing labs are in existence, which revolves around the number of contacts you have,

You can use the free trial for a test ride, as here you get 500 emails to 250 contacts when you can send.

Once you cross, you will require to subscribe to their paid services.

If you are sending more than 500 contacts, it will charge you $20 per month.

Why To Consider Klaviyo

  • If you are considering choosing Klaviyo, it’s best for developing a stronger relationship with customers by adding a more of a personalized experience, hence you can consider email personalization
  • It also offers autoresponders which are pre-built and marketing automation.
  • You get the cart abandonment emails, to welcome and order follow-up-like emails.
  • Here you get the power to pull in information regarding our producer and orders of customers via dynamic data blocks.
  • With this one, you can create such a customer list with custom or lookalike lists on social media, which helps In creating better-personalized ads for social media.


Rare.io is ideally for you to consider if you are looking for more sales and squeeze out of your email list.

Here you get four different pricing, one you get is free which offers you caps at 249 contacts but here you get the unlimited campaign and automation, along with a library of templates that are conversation tested.

Apart from this, you can also choose from Growth plans that cost $ 24 per month, Pro that cost $39 per month, and Exec which cost $79 per month.

Why To Consider Rare.io

  • Rare.io markets their software as smart email marketing as well as predictive which features the back it up.
  • The services work in conjunction with the e-commerce platform which automatically determines which product is best or the recommendation and what customers like to purchase.
  • Instead of getting the feature like segmenting you get the focus on being personalized emails to install which provides the recommendation similar to Amazon style.


Omnisend was launched as a simple solution for email marketing in 2014.

And now, it has become one of the top options that come with multi-channel communication.

Even though it’s new, it still offers its clientele. And you can consider this one for your e-commerce store too.

Unlike other options you get, Omnisend offers unique pricing.

Here you will get three options in subscriptions i.e. Monthly and Yearly for the numbers of contacts.

So if you are trying new things, you can consider the Forever Free Plan, which sends 15000 emails in a month. Here you get basic features.

Apart from this, you can choose from premium plans.

You can choose to depend on calculating the billing amount by putting the contacts for costumes to import.

For 500 customers, you get plans like Standard that cost $16 per month, Pro which costs $99 per month and Enterprise which allows unlimited emails and you need to request for custom pricing.

Why To Consider Omnisend –

Omnisend offers multiple channels for communication, you can update customers via push notification, SMS, Facebook messenger, emails, etc.

This one offers you the ability to create marketing automation.

You can send email campaigns that are laser targeted to customers once you segment them.

You can do customer segmentation based on their engagement, purchase history, etc.

Here you get the drag and drop email builder that comes with pre-built email templates.


Conversion Is ideally suitable for you if you want to engage with customers as well as building loyalty along with boosting sales.

Conversio pricing packages are quite different as compared to other options.

They charge based on customers, and one of the email marketing that includes features in their all pricing tier.

The plans start at $20 per month where you are allowed to 500 customers, it increases to 250, 000, but the price turns to $850 per month.

They offer a free trial day for 30 days including all of their features.

Why Consider Conversion

  • Unlike other email marketing options where they focus on transactional and lead nurturing emails, Conversion is based on the customer journey.
  • It includes features like segmentation designed for the eCommerce to cross and upsell.
  • They also make it easy for customers to be loyal and engaged by encouraging reviews, including photos of products.
  • They offer the automation of follow-up emails and requests for customer feedback.


SendLane is one of the ideal email marketing software that you can consider.

It also provides you the best email delivery based on industry.

It comes with all needed features, that’s why it is popular because brands like JJ Virgin, Nutralife, American Standards opted for the services.

Sendlane offers email marketing software but also their pricing plans are dynamic and flexible.

You get three pricing plans along with 14 days of a free trial.

Apart from that, you get the paid plans based on the number of contacts generated and imported.

It includes Growth that costs $79 per month, Pro that costs $125 per month, and Starter at a one-time payment of $497.

Why To Consider The Sendlane

  • Sendlane offers high converting email templates, using the drag and drop builder to edit and send.
  • Email marketing offers to segment the customer or subscriber list on multiple variables, and argus also ensures sending relevant emails.
  • They offer marketing automation, with this feature you can automate the email campaign and introduce the subscribers to the marketing funnel.
  • Sendlane offers a feature that is unique as you get only here known as Sendlane Beacon. You can use this to understand the right way of interacting with customers and e-commerce sites.
  • You can keep tabs on how your email campaigns, customer or subscriber growth with their analytics feature.


Remarkety is especially for the business owners who are looking for campaigns that are ready-made and get them off the ground without taking much time.

They offer remarkety pricing that is different, the basic one you get is at $25 per month, a starter at $100, an Advance at 300 per month, and a professional at $800 per month.

Also, you get the free 14-day trial which allows you to access all of their premium features.

Why To Consider Remarkety

  • Remarkety is ready-made on different levels and they offer email templates but also pre-built champions which are for cart abandonment, reactivation, etc.
  • One of the downsides you might get is that you can get the benefit from having custom script-like options.
  • The email meeting services also provide the recommendation which is driven by AL.
  • And they themselves boast a 99% delivery rate.
  • The users also like the reporting feature, along with their strong focus on ROI.
  • Their dashboards are more than vanity metrics and offer proactive feedback on the campaigns, putting the industry benchmark.


SmartrMail is suitable for those who are looking for mobile-first designed baked.

They have the pricing which is divided into three, the Basic range from $29 to $ 53 per month.

Advance one starts at $99 per month and Enterprise act 1999 per month.

Also, you get the SmartrMail free trial for 15 days which features all of their services and access.

Why To Consider SmartrMail

  • Personalization can help in driving outsized revenue and results in email marketing.
  • Smartrmail offers personalization based on the customer’s purchase history and browsing behavior. This can boost the sales by more than 167%
  • SmartrMail has designs that default to mobile, the users say the results are in less consumed view to mobile as well as email marketing tools.


Emma is considered great for the consultants and agencies who require to manage multiple accounts.

As for the pricing, Emma offers the Pro at $89 per month, +Plus that starts at $159, and Emma HQ at $229 per month.

Why To Consider Emma

  • Emma is considered to be great if you are looking for an email marketing tool designed to create effective and beautiful emails.
  • They suit the features which have been designed for businesses to manage multiple different email accounts.
  • They offer a detailed reporting dashboard along with the mailing score metrics for quickly about performance in one glance.
  • Emma is one of the email marketing services which offers the multi-user sign along with different accounts.
  • You have the marketing calendar app to have a birds-eye on your campaign and adjust according to what you find necessary.
  • Emam is one of few platforms where you can get the mobile app, so you can check the performance no matter where you are and what time it is.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is ideal for small to midsize merits who want an all-around email marketing solution that can be simple and capable.

They offer the basic starter plan at $9 per month, Unlimited that starts at $29 per month, and Premier at $149 per month.

However they don’t offer any free trial, but you can set your account, create the campaign and send more than five subscribed before you choose the plan.

Why To Consider Campaign Monitor

  • If you are looking for all-around features, value, ease of use in one, here is what you can consider.
  •  Campaign monitor offers the drag and drops editor, email templates that are focused on offering the beautiful design.
  • You can also build custom emails in HTML.
  • Campaign Monitor offers a few platforms that focus on transactional emails.
  • You can squeeze more value out of the email that you send.
  • They have a visual journey designer which is unique and seamless to keep all other campaigns organized and work better.


GetResposne is one of the popular ones that you will find in email marketing.

They become the all-rounders that also deal with sending emails, building landing pages, collecting leads, and automating marketing.

It has become the favorite choice especially for economical email marketing for online coaches, tutors, entrepreneurs, online marketers, and enterprises.

Some of their popular client names include Henkel, UNESCO, and IKEA.

They also offer flexible subscription plans. Along with a free trial plan for 30 days.

This allows you to send unlimited email campaigns to customers or subscribers around 1000.

You get the features like marketing automation, landing page builder, e-commerce integration, analytical and reports, etc.

Once it’s ended, you need to choose from their paid plans, including Basic that cost $15, Plus that costs $49 per month, Professional at $99 per month, and Max for unlimited access along with the advanced features, but for that, you need to request for their custom pricing.

Why To Choose GetResponse

  • The services offer direct integration with Shopify, Big Commerce, Etsy, Magnets, WooCommerce, etc like major eCommerce platforms.s
  • You can get the automatic import along with product libraries that are populated.
  • GetResposne also permits creating responsive landing pages. Or they have a pre-made one that you can integrate with the payment processors.
  • You can also get the abandonment emailing system that reminds the incomplete purchase to your customers.
  • GetResponse offers the customer segmentation as they put it on the highest property, they offer the segmentation which is based on how your customer does the action.  

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Why does your e-commerce store need email marketing software? 

Ecommerce email marketing helps in achieving results and goals, it helps in collecting the information about the customer and also to improve efficiency. 

Why Email Marketing Software Is Important? 

The email marketing software allows to contact with larger groups of potential people and customers in better time and limiting the wastage of resources and time. 

Why Email Is Useful For Your ECommerce? 

It’s an effective marketing strategy that allows product promotion online store to the potential and existing customers. Also, it’s one of the useful and powerful ways to get the customers back to your website. 

What Does Email Marketing Work In 2022? 

Email marketing works when you are doing it correctly as it can be effective for marketing and stoke for small businesses.