101+ Catchy Email subject lines for diwali Sale & celebration USA

Diwali holidays are approaching, and holiday promotions are increasing. In addition, to share Diwali greetings and warm wishes across social media, don’t forget to spread the word about your Diwali sales and promotional offer through email marketing.

Now, email marketing is around are is not at all obsolete.

It is an effective tool to promote your product and offers. If you want your customers and prospects to open your mail, then add attractive email subject lines. We have discussed some amazing subject lines for the Diwali sale.

Best Diwali Email Subject Lines:

  • Spread some cheer with us this Diwali. Diwali sales are on
  • Season’s Greetings and holiday savings with the Diwali Bumper sale
  • Now or Never Deal …This Diwali Only
  • Celebrate Diwali and Get 20 % Off
  • Diwali Mystery Deal: 15 % Off
  • Diwali Dhamaka Week: 15% To 50% Off
  • Have a Fashionable Diwali! Get 30 % Off.
  • Warm up your festive season with us with great discounts and offers.
  • Diwali holiday super sale!!

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  • ( Company Name )Diwali is Live Today! Get 55% Off
  • Diwali Gift for you !! Click to Claim
  • Its Diwali! Surprise Deal Here!!
  • Trim Trim…Diwali Deal For you
  • Be Hero in this Festive Season! Get 20 % Off
  • Kickstart your Diwali holidays and shop with us.
  • Get healthy eating this Diwali Season. Grab your free coupon
  • Are you looking forward to Diwali holiday rush Sale? It will start early!
  • Gobble up with these Diwali special offers!
  • We are thankful to our customers: Coupons inside
  • Enjoy Diwali with This Festive Offers
  • Awaiting you for Diwali Dhamaka Offer
  • Diwali Collection at 40 % off.
  • Diwali Sale Begins. Are you Coming?
  • Big Bang Diwali Sale !!
  • Get Diwali Delight!! With 27 % Off
  • Pump Up Your Sales This Festive Season With
  • Celebrating Diwali Fest: Rush to Our Store
  • Great Offers at Great Time.. Diwali Time
  • We are giving you a special Diwali treat with 50 percent off
  • Stuff yourself with Great Diwali savings
  • Early access to the Diwali Bumper sale
  • Surprise is here! It’s for Diwali
  • Gather around your savings while shopping with us for the Diwali sale
  • Diwali Festival Schedule changes and special weekend offers
  • 27 ways to give gifts to your loved ones in this festive season
  • Savings to be thankful for ten deals on Diwali that you can’t afford to miss.
  • Gift ideas for everyone on your list
  • 12 days of Diwali Dhamaka sale starts today
  • 9 spa treatments to put on your list. Grab this special offer
  • Spend less, Earn more this Diwali while shopping with us
  • You are getting warmer- the package starts from $45, but offers are still on.
  • Looking stressed? Book a facial and spa today and look fresh this Diwali
  • Searching DIY Diwali Décor tips: Get This
  • Our Diwali season warmer package makes a great gift
  • 9 Crazy bites on this Diwali
  • Sale to brighten your life with lights.
  • 10 days of saving on this Diwali
  • Diwali, new Do’s – get a $ 45 haircut
  • The annual membership Diwali Bonanza sale is out
  • Start your Diwali in the right way- up to 30 percent off on spa packages and beauty treatments.
  • Your first Diwali looks for 2019.
  • Join us for a Bumper Diwali Sale
  • Let’s start this year right. Shop with us for Great Diwali Dhamaka. Up to 70 percent sales throughout Diwali this year.
  • The Diwali holidays may be over, but your savings are not.
  • Your last chance to earn bonus points this Diwali
  • Be bold this festive season with your shopping. Shop with us
  • Great Diwali sale from ( name of your website) coming soon
  • Stressed out with the Diwali holidays? Detoxification tools on sale
  • This Diwali week- Create holiday plans and boards and get your free gift coupon
  • Today is Diwali, and this is for you only!!
  • Unique holiday surprises for everyone on your list
  • A special Diwali gift just for you to thank all your friends, family members, and relatives.
  • Today is Diwali. Shop today as the sale is on only till 3 pm today
  • Give gifts to your friends that do good and make you feel good
  • The Diwali holiday deadline is for tomorrow
  • Diwali Sale: 2 days left! Up to 30 percent off on clothing and bags.
  • Diwali is almost here! Find him/her the perfect gift
  • What makes the perfect gift for this festive season? Jewelry indeed!!
  • An exclusive 50 percent off in-store. Diwali wishes do come true!!
  • Knock Knock…Diwali Surprise Here.
  • Get a 15% Discount for you Only.
Diwali Email Subject Lines

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