LeadFeeder Review (2022): Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

There are so many tools that you get in the market for finding emails of people but what about those whom you don’t know?

Such an audience might be visiting your site and even interested in the business.

They might need the right tool to target, and LeadFeeder helps in doing that.

With the tool, you can find those people and help in showing where they have been looking at the site.

Well to understand more about LeadFeeder and how it helps, here is a detailed review for your help.

What To Know About LeadFeeder?

LeadFeeder is basically a website visitor tracking platform that is designed in order to help the business to do more sales and boost the marketing return on investment.

  • With the software, they provide a set of robust features for leading filters, lead generation, automatic reporting, lead scoring.
  • Also, the software is highly trusted with different websites including Cision, Capacent, and Eventbrite.
  • The software allows their users to automatically score and filter leads according to the critics such as the geography, browsing behaviors, and demographics.
  • This makes it simpler for your business in order to secure and discover more leads as soon they exit.
  • The platform integrates marketing-like sales data much easier and seamlessly.
  • This helps in finding the new prospect customer along with tracking the existing ones.
  • Leadfeeder also helps in offering the precise information that helps in site visitor tracking effort which gives the levering Google Analytics Data. CRM, and email marketing tools.
  • Apart from this, here you get extensible which helps you in integrating it with CRM, WebCRM, Salesforce, and Pipedrive.

How Does The LeadFeeder Work For You?

Well to understand how leadFeeder works, here is what you should be needing.

The provider offers support like chat and email where you can get the answers or solutions if you have any doubts or queries.

They also provide free training so it can create more opportunities and tactics for sales.

You can also see the potential customers seven days a week who visited the site but didn’t get in touch or contact you.

Here you get up to 100 potential customers and view the company’’s importance such as the LinkedIn page, location, region, employees, and contact information.

Apart from this, here you can see what a company is looking for before you access the site.

This is also crucial for knowing the purchase intent.

With the app, you get the notification on the email and when the key manager visits the site or tracks it.

If a company is not interested in you, you can also hide it so it won’t copy the quote space which is valuable.

What Are The Key Features Of LeadFeeder?

Leadfeeder is basically a web application that can help you in improving the intelligence of your business by integrating the sales and marketing data.

However, with that, you get the different features and additional ones in order to make the journey easier for you.

List Of Leadfeeder Features

To understand better, here are some of the key features you get.

Connect With Google Analytics

Leadfeeder is known for being a top-rated application when it comes to Google Analytics.

Also, it provides you with a better option for generating free sales opportunities.

With this feature, you can simply get trusted and connect it with google analytics to support your business.

This gives you much better options to understand the company and know more about the business.

Linkedin Connections

LeadFeeder also connects with Linkedin which tells you about the audience who are connected to a visiting company.

This feature allows you to make it simpler to start the conversation and improve the quality of lead generation.

Free Leads For 30 Days

Leadfeeder allows you to go back to 30 days and collect the data so this can help in getting much more detailed information.

Free leads for 30 days like this feature is beneficial if you use it with Google Analytics in order to generate more opportunities.

Automatic Lead Score

For the business, it’s important to have an understanding of who their promising prospects are.

But it might be challenging to do it, when you are using the lead feeder and you get the automatic lead score, you can use this feature to get all the promised projects.

They put everything on the list of your potential customers automatically. And this helps in focusing better.

MailChimp Integration

After you send the email, here you can do the monitoring of what recipients are doing on-site.

And you can use behavior intelligence to talk to your visitors. This gives you much better ways to approach them. 

Leads To CRM

Leadfeeder allows you to connect to your CRM and let everything happen automatically including sending new visits to the sales channel.

This improves the usage of opportunities and helps in better lead generation.

Personalized Email Notification

When you have companies visiting the site of your, with personal email notification you can get the notification on your email.

This also helps you in tracking them at the right time.

Free Users

Here you can add more users as you require. Also, Leadfeder allows the lead management tools that you can use.

This helps in tech business to avoid the online shopper.s

Powerful Search

When you are using the Leadfeeder, you can search for the company and look at the entire history of browsing to get the complete picture of what is holding the interest.

This powerful search saves you a lot of time apart from giving you precise information.

Versatile Filtering

You can get versatile filtering as the feature of Leadfeeder, as it builds and saves the leads which are powerful.

It includes the companies that are in some countries, specific websites, or AdWords campaigns.

Cooperation Tools

If you are looking for sales reps who are only responsible for the products, specific regions, etc.

They have an application that facilitates the assessment of the potential customer.

What To Know About The Key Features Of LeadFeeder?

As it’s mentioned earlier, key features include google analytics, business information, integration, etc.

However, to know how it works for you, here is what you should be knowing.

Good Analytics On  Steroids

It’s important to know why you might be needing to pay for extra lead generation tools.

However, this might not be understandable to pay for the extra tool.

On the simple fact that google analytics can be leveraged for the lead generation tool.

Here you google analytics is basically for optimized the analysis.

However, anything that goes beyond that, it might be something different. It does have its uses but the process might take time and a lot of effort.

What makes it worse is that they have put in an extensive effort but the result might not be that useful for the sales department.

There are some businesses that choose to solve by integrating the third party lead generation software  

Business Information

This top of the pyramid is business information. This is one of the crystal prices since it gives you specific companies and their interest in your brand.

Here it wouldn’t be practical to implant the same information In different types of business across the board.

Leadfeeder allows editing tags in line with the company setup and sales processes.

Individual Information

Leadfeeder was built on B2B marketing.

That’s why the business information which is important here.

Here you don’t get the independent entities as the companies, as they are handled by the professionals.

This is why Leadfeeder allows you to get more information about the people and how this works.

Leadfeeder Integrations

The leadfeeder integrates you with five different platforms, it includes

  • Zoho
  • Pipedrive
  • WebCRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Salesforce

For those who are benefiting from two-way integration, it’s beneficial for webCRM and Pipedrive.

When it’s about email marketing, here you get the integration with Mailchimp.

With this, you can get accurate insight into how leads respond to emails. This improves the way of reacting to your approaches and improves the results. 

What To Know About LeadFeeder Pricing?

Leadfeeder allows you to get a 14 day free trial period.

However, it might be short but it’s not for analyzing the features where you don’t require a credit card to start.

Here you get most of the features the same in all of the plans you get.

Everything you get regardless of what package you pay.

The only difference you get here is the number of leads to your account.

However here are some set of features you get in all of their plans

  • Faster result
  • Collaboration tools
  • Powerful filtering
  • Priority support and training
  • Linkedin connection
  • Visit details
  • CRM integration
  • Mailchimp people review

Apart from these features, here is the list of free features that Leadfeeder allows

  • Chat and email support
  • Email alerts
  • See keywords
  • Company details
  • Free training
  • 7 days lead
  • Hide companies

The pricing includes :

  • 3000 unique companies at $299 per month
  • 200 unique companies at $59 per month
  • 400 unique companies at $ 99 per month
  • 1000 unique companies at $169 per month.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Leadfeeder?

There are main benefits that you get in google analytics, LinkedIn connection, integration, powerful filtering feature, etc.

There are benefits that you get while using the Leadfeeder. This includes:

Reliable Customer Support

The software vendor offers email and in-app support that allows you to get in expectation of the immediate answer of the queries.

Here you get the sales tactics along with lead generation training.

All of these are free of charge. Here you get the team that allows you to ensure more necessary actions.

Faster Results

Leadfeeder allows you to update the list of leads round the clock.

Here you get whether the company is interested in your services or not, all in real-time.

This improves the results and you get better as well as faster too.

Powerful Filters

It’s important that you know every company who visits the site is going to be interested.

This helps you in getting more important leads and the platform provides powerful filters.

LeadFeeder allows you to filter, and this allows the make and saves powerful feed depending on their specific country, certain webpage, or AdWords campaign.

MailChimp Integration

Leadfeeder offers you the integration with Mailchimp. This allows the platform which helps in monitoring the activities of the visiting individuals.

The website after sending an email. Afterward, they can do the conversation with the aforementioned behavioral intelligence.

The application enables you to analyze the behavior of those who are visiting the web

And also you can understand how to approach your visitor.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using LeadFeeder?

Leadfeeder have their pros and cons, also it’s suitable for B2B businesses that have the salesperson at least one who can get the benefit of knowing the visitors to their website, pages, and sources.

However, it also has some of the pros including

  • You can do the website traffic by the company
  • It allows you to do website traffic by location 
  • You can do website traffic by duration

Here you get the alerting departments in different ways

  • It’s easy to install leadfeeder
  • Apart from this, here are some of the cons you get
  • It’s doesn’t give you actual information about the visitor
  • The price might not be affordable as it can be high as compared to other options.

Should You Be Using LeadFeeder?

Leadfeeder is basically for the categories of B2B companies.

Therefore if you are running Google Analytics, here you might be looking for lead tracking.

At the moment, you get web apps including Macintosh, Windows for PC.

You can get the uses on the go and you can also use it on Android, Win phone, iOS.

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