List of 1001+ Best Email Subject lines Examples for 2022

Email recipients open their mail based if they find their subject liners interesting while report emails as spam if the email subject liner is not interesting to read. Email Subject lines have the power to break or make your email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is a very popular form of marketing and has evolved just after the birth of the internet. Email marketing build trust with your customers. It keeps your customer aware of the promotions and new sales offers.

It is quite necessary to inform your customers about your brand as it increases the level of engagement with them. The basic purpose of email marketing is to achieve a high click rate and high open rate.


We humans have a natural desire for curiosity. You can take advantage of this desire by leaving your email subject line open-ended. It will make the readers curious and will open the mail in order to satisfy his/her curiosity.

You can ask a question and promise something interesting. Examples: Do not open this mail, check out my new pics, a faster elephant, and a surprise gift inside.

Fear of missing out-

The principle of missing out on something is quite irresistible. You can use this principle by using the element of urgency and scarcity.  You can use words such as important, alert, urgent and breaking.

Examples: Oh, your prescription is expiring, you have got only 1 day to watch this, tonight only: A chocolate lover dream.

Funny subject lines-

If the email subject line makes you laugh, then the readers will open that email. Being humorous needs to be creative and thoughtful but it pays off in terms of open rates.

Examples: Licking the pencil never tasted so good, try to avoid these 33 people on Christmas, new! Vacation on Jupiter.


It is difficult to pass a great deal even if you don’t need that thing right now. Hence, discounts, sales, and special offers work well as your subject lines. It increases the click rates when the subscriber reads an offer or discount.

Examples: Flash Sale Alert, three for three, complimentary gift wrap on your purchases, and 35% off your favorites.


People like to be loved, revered, and accepted by others. Hence, you can create some email subject lines that contain the element of Vanity. In order to get your email open, you can promise something or invoke their fear.

Examples: As worn out in the world tour, don’t wear last year’s fashion styles, age-defying hairstyle tricks.


Another principle to increase the opening rates of emails is sloth. Even those people who are not lazy would also prefer to open the emails. You can offer shortcuts and useful resources to save energy and time.

Examples: 312 blog post ideas, grow your email list 20X, How to mail a busy person?


these emails are sent to the people when they fail to perform an action or step in the sales funnel. When a person abandons your cart or fail to purchase, then you can do all these emails.

You can write retargeting subject lines by offering something to do the deal and alerting that something bad will happen if you will don’t take action.

Examples: Hey, forget something? Here’s 50 percent off, deleting your account, we are not going to give up on you.

Pain points-

You can use this principle to get customers to open this mail. Examples: stop wasting money on pen, wanted: affordable and cute fashions, learn English with only five minutes every day.


You can include the subscriber’s name to make the email subject line more personal. You can also share something personal that implies friendship or familiarity.

Examples: You have changed, chocolate or vanilla, I love you and Happy birthday Daina- Surprise Inside!!

Do not open this mail

Check out my new pics

A faster elephant

Surprise gift inside

Oh, your prescription is expiring

You have got only 1 day to watch this

Tonight only: A chocolate lover dream

Licking the pencil never tasted so good

Try to avoid these 33 people on Christmas

New! Vacation on Jupiter

Flash Sale Alert

Three for three

Complimentary gift wrap on your purchases

35% off your favourites.

As worn out in the world tour

Don’t wear last year fashion styles,

Age-defying hair style tricks.

312 blog post ideas,

Grow your email list 20X,

How to mail a busy person?

Hey, forget something?

Here’s 50 percent off,

Deleting your account,

We are not going to give up on you.

Stop wasting money on pen

Wanted: affordable and cute fashions

Learn English with only five minutes every day.

You have changed, chocolate or vanilla

I love you

Happy birthday Daina- Surprise Inside!!

best email subject lines trends

Email marketing is using email to promote the business. It is used to retain current customers, cultivate relations with potential customers, offer promotions and discounts and keep the clients update on the product information.

It is a direct marketing and more efficient method of promotion. It is pocket-friendly and can easily suit your budget. It is environmentally friendly as does not involve the use of paper.

Email marketing is a very popular form of marketing and has evolved just after the birth of the internet. Email marketing build trust with your customers.

It keeps your customer aware of the promotions and new sales offer. It is quite necessary to inform your customers about your brand as it increases the level of engagement with them. The basic purpose of email marketing is to achieve a high click rate and high open-rate.

Email Subject Examples to Increase Open Rates.

  • Do not open this mail
  • Check out my new pics
  • A faster elephant
  • Surprise gift inside
  • Oh, your prescription is expiring
  • You have got only 1 day to watch this
  • Tonight only: A chocolate lover dream
  • Licking the pencil never tasted so good
  • Try to avoid these 33 people on Christmas
  • New! Vacation on Jupiter

Flash Sale Alert

Three for three

Complimentary gift wrap on your purchases

35% off your favourites.

As worn out in the world tour

Don’t wear last year fashion styles,

Age-defying hair style tricks.

312 blog post ideas,

Grow your email list 20X,

How to mail a busy person?

Hey, forget something?

Here’s 50 percent off,

Deleting your account,

We are not going to give up on you.

Stop wasting money on pen

Wanted: affordable and cute fashions

Learn English with only five minutes every day.

You have changed, chocolate or vanilla

I love you

Happy birthday Diana- Surprise Inside!!

“Where to drink beer right now”

We always being like used

“Pairs beautifully with spreadsheets”

As you wish!

New and surprising vacation on plant!

Hello! I am waiting

Don’t wear last year’s styles,

Your body will look good in these sexy pants!

Check out my new “body curves”

“A faster Donkey”

Is this the hotter career in marketing?

Do you remember me?

You have changed a lot

Come and join a party with me

Vanilla or Chocolate?

Like! seriously?

Can I ask for a favour?

Marry! Check out these hand- picked for you

Stop wasting your money on street food.

Learn a new language within 5 minutes each day

You have won an amount of 1 crore

I am deleting your account permanently

Your account has been closed

Your detailed results

Two goodies for your BFFs

Your monthly credit report is here!

You have got a free hair cut!

Good news! Prize has been dropped

I am coming to see you

Seriously! Who did this

Weather is beautiful

Your prescription is expiring

You’re missing out on points.

Earn double today

Last day to your registration

A surprise gift for you

I am coming to date with you

Are you feeling bored?

Will you be my friend?

Try to avoid meet 27 people on Tuesday eve

Look what you did

New fashion code is arriving

Get the maximum discount on shopping

50% off on your favourite shoes

Two for two

Get priority access

High sale alert

Get your favourite car on zero down payment

Beautiful weather is waiting for you

How to survive in darker places

Get more kitchen space with these easy fixes

I am ready to serve you

Stylish dresses @ 1$

“Claim your prize”

What are you waiting for?

Keep calm! My birthday is coming

Thanks for your help!

Check out my new I phone

Hologram shots

Welcome letter for you

Wanna have some beer

Deals that make us proud!

Stop staring at me! Its annoying

Boom shakalaka! Let’s get started

Khul ja sim sim

Increase your income

Looking for some part time jobs

Stylish homes are waiting for you

“This year will be a fantastic year”

2019- good news for all the shopaholics

Still looking for rented apartment?

You free this Thursday?

“Best dress ever”

Hey, check out my new dress

Check out some summer outfits

An exclusive offer for you

The holiday plan is here

Introducing our latest product for men

New coffee has arrived. Order now

Free product with purchase of t-shirts

Feel fit in our new pants

Reviews! By you

Take your pick now

We can’t wait for so long

“Temperatures fall, style rises”

Did you plan your birthday party?

Make it timely!

Last day to save big

This year’s resolution

5 ways to increase your sales

Take this and improve your sleep

Can you resist the deal?

Craving for sweets?

We have something amazing for you

Rush hour

Are you in queue?

Want to make money within an hour

We care about your fitness

Eat healthy, eat wisely

Choose the right path

Feeling down in your career

Happy and fruitful year is here!

Big bang deal is here

Holiday merchandise is in!

list of Email Subject Lines

Email marketing has become one of the famous forms of communication. Every day you may be sending hundreds of emails to the people in your network. The number of emails sent per second is gigantic.

Hence you can understand how email has become an important part of our life. The promotion of your business through email hardly costs you anything. It is the most pocket-friendly mode of promotion but the challenge is that the receiver must open your mail.

Hence, email subject lines are a very important part so that the prospectus can open, read and respond to your mail.

The email subject lines must be creative, informative, and compelling. A good subject line attracts the attention of the prospectus or customers. When he gets attracted to the subject line then he tends to open, read and respond to your email.

The subject email liners must not provide much information but they must be very clear and up to the mark.

The email subject lines must focus to add value to the experience of the customer and delivering the right message at the right time. The content must have the capability to answer their questions and resolve their worrying points. Hence, make receiving email fun by ESL.

Email subject lines examples that get open, read and respond.

  • Hi, Ulka, What is the status of my work?
  • Have you placed the order for this week?
  • Amit recommended getting in touch
  • Did you get what you were seeking at?
  • Hoping to help
  • Have you heard?
  • A new marketing strategy for ABC Business
  • A savings of  & 100 for XYZ company
  • An all time- revenue record for X organisation

7 tips for losing weight in 30 days.

11 marketing ideas to increase the sale of your poultry business

Ideas for your strong hair

9 tips for your making your skin glow in just 7 days

I found you through Lalit

We both own sauce business

So, nice to meet you Priya

Feeling very sad, please help me

Hope you can help. Don’t leave us

Our next step is to save your money

XZ options to get you started

You are not alone

24 mins- 5th December 2018

A 6- Step plan for your busy week

How to lose weight in just 7 days

I thought you might like these articles

Here is that I promised you

I liked your feedback in that meeting

Don’t dare to open this mail

Should I go or stay?

Do you know that detoxification helps you to lose weight?

Know how to delay aging

Where is my love?

Permission to close your matter

Feeling green? Waste management!

If you alter your mind about partnering with me

I love everything in this topic

7 weekend Ideas for you and your family

Am I assuming correctly?

Wynk Go password?

I was just wondering if you will open this mail

Dec 24: good day or bad day

Reserve January 7 for a meeting

I take pride in spending just 5 mins with you.

Did something happen?

Can I help to resolve your issue in any way?

Hi Mary, I would like to share the new market budget with you.

A wrong or right person?

17 minutes just to share new marketing idea

I respect your answer

Do you enjoy working with me?

Email Subject Lines That Get Open, Read And Respond

Email marketing is evolving and all people like to communicate through email. You might be receiving many emails and would be opening only interesting emails.  Do people open your email?

No, then you must send an email subject line that instigates the audience to click, open and respond to your mail. Many subscribers open your mail based on the subject line only.

You must know how to write an effective professional email subject line that improves your open rate. The email subject line must be clear and concise. It must possess a clear message so that the audience must read your mail.

Professional Email Subject Lines Ideas.

  • Do this right now: Best tips to make money
  • Surprise, A free goody inside your mail
  • Exclusive free gift for your business
  • Special invite to our business partners
  • This discount is only for you
  • This mail is especially for our esteemed customers
  • Insider’s look through our mail
  • Free product offer! Free product offer!

Discount offer just for you.

Am I the one with million questions?

Learn 7 tips that will increase clicks on your landing pages

Optimisation summit 2019- Speakers list out

4 days to a better website, free coupon inside

Do your landing pages passed this test?

You can triple your blog readership with these 12 tips.

Write a headline that Twitter followers motivate to click your post

Reasons why no one comments on your blog posts

How to appear 54 times in the original master list

9 secrets of successful entrepreneurs

15 reasons why they joined you?

How to get your first 2000 subscribers?

The secret behind a eight figure online business

How I got 5,001 subscribers in just 34 days

Still I need subscribers?

Am I really a bad guy?

9 tips on how to sell online courses

Why to spent dollars in thousands for designing your web

It’s is a little embarrassing…………..

Is your client really worth?

Boost your sale with this technique

Are you struggling to increase sales? Follow these 4 tips

6 deadly sales mistakes

Can you explain this marketing strategy with me?

5 steps to build an online course

11 ways to convert prospects into your customers

Automatic sales- How to turn clicks into clients

Are you aware of psychology of your customer?

How to make sales?

16 important questions you need to ask before blogging

7 things must be done after posting a blog

Request for an appointment

Schedule a meeting for tomorrow

12 ways to make your popular blog posts more popular

How to create perfect social media post?

Top 10 ideas for a high quality website

Interview meeting request- name of the applicant

Online senior content creator,#789012, Your name

Thank you for giving the chance to meet

Job query- name of the applicant

Social media expert looking for new opportunity

Next step is to save money

9 best marketing ideas for your transportation business

Best tips to lose weight in 2 weeks

28 mins- 25th December 2018

Liked your feedback in that meeting

Would like to share new marketing budget with you

How to influence the decision of your customers

Influence buying decisions of your clients

Repost your web content on other websites

Please click this mail else you will lose

Professional Email Subject Lines

Email marketing has become very common when you designing a marketing strategy for your product or service. It is a reasonable and money saving method that can be used to promote your business.

If you want your existing customers and prospects to open, click and give a response to your mail then you have to make your email attractive by writing eye-catching email subject lines.

Hence, write a specific email subject line for your marketing campaigns, increase your sale and attract customers. These attractive email subject lines will help to increase your business and sales.

Powerful Marketing Email Subject Lines

  • Hey, increase your website clicks
  • Best of marketing ideas: The deals that make us proud
  • Thanks for joining for sales
  • Top 10 under 20$
  • Oh, your prescription is expiring
  • How ( name of the company) got your name
  • 9 most annoying moments of the Year 2018
  • 8 Jaw dropping drift videos on You tube

Introducing our latest product features

You are missing out on these points

Your order #45678

The ( name of the company) catalogue is here

Rough day?

Don’t make these 9 AdWords mistakes

Don’t commit these Instagram atrocities

My gift to you this year…Coupons and discounts only for you.

Pay $2 for a new bundle of 6 STEAM games ( 24 hours only)

Latest ( name of the company) news

Where to drink coffee right now

12 gift ideas for your little babies

Make your room in that closet

Get your pants form us. We are giving you coupons

Free free ( product 1) with purchase of ( product 2)

The sale and promotion will disappear at midnight

( name of the company) bulletin for January

20 percent discount on your purchase: your birthday present from our side

Happy marriage anniversary, ( recipient’s name) Surprise inside

Tonight only: Get your stock before it is over

Is this hottest sale and promotional offer this Christmas?

How to make your email marketing campaign successful?

New Video ( tips to prevent your hair fall)

( name of the company), we can help you to increase your sale

Let’s get started for Christmas sale

Up to 50 percent off on your favorite products

15 email marketing trends you must know

Before you go away from us, read this

We are starting our big bonanza sale in 6 hours

Missed you on our great day, how was your Thursday?

How to Google proof your mobile site in 2019?

Big email marketing pop up mistake

How to grow your business from 0 to 10 K customers in a month

Action mandatory! Open this now

Kickstarter campaign makes $ 20 K in 48 hours.

How to get 2, 394 email subscribers from scratch

Name of the marketing agency- best marketing agency to boost your sale

You have to do this if you want more website traffic

The branded newsletter : click, open and respond

Avoid these 12 call to action button mistakes

The art of selling and marketing your products

80 percent rule of testing a business idea

Last call: to take this action for improving your sales

Fix your email open rates now only

Try ( product or service name) for yourself

The limited time sale

Quick announcement for sale

Don’t buy our ( product or service name) until you read this

Fake marketing strategy vs real marketing strategy

The death of blogging

The best -selling books

Save 50 percent in shoes this winter season

The most surprising ( product name/s you are not using)

5001 customers cannot be wrong

Marketing Email Subject Lines

Email marketing is a powerhouse for online stores. It is effective, affordable and well accepted by customers.

The trend of email marketing has increased a lot. If you want your emails to be opened by existing customers and prospects then add email subject lines. Email subject lines must be simple, informative and precise.

The email subject lines helps to convert subscribers to loyal customers. Plan your email campaign for your online store. We have discussed some email subject line ideas for your online store. You can take the reference from these ideas.

Online Store Email Subject Lines

  • Last chance to get in this hot deal online
  • Last chance to save this much big on this holiday season
  • Shop on our online store. The offer is valid till midnight.
  • Last day to pick your favorite clothing form our online store
  • Get it while it is in stock
  • The sale is ending in 2 hours: 25 percent off on our online store only
  • Time is running out. Save up to $ 300 on our online deal.
  • Your online saving code is get expired

Don’t wait. You will miss out on the biggest sale ever of this year.

4 days only- 10 percent off and free shipping

You are invited. 10 percent off for beauty insiders

Weekend sale. The inventory that you need to see in our online store

Friday night discounts you don’t want to miss out

Online sale. Flash sale. Alert

Order pizza online for your guests without breaking your bank.

The sales end today. Get 10 percent off on all purchases.

This is big! 25 percent off regular price. Including new arrivals.

New arrivals under $ 100.

Just in! New arrivals for New Year

New products alert! Shop new arrivals on our online store

We are crushing on new arrivals. 30 percent off.

Cheers to online new arrivals

Don’t miss out on all new online arrivals.

Kick back with Great India sale. Login into your account and find exciting offers just for you.

Exclusive offer: Free samples of award-winning facial masks.

Your birthday gift is on us.

Guess what: Free shipping is extended

Your beauty issues are solved online

Where all these toys will go. Login to grab this promotional offers and discounts.

Don’t wear last year styles.

Storage problems are solved

Uncover your bridal style on our online store

Stop wasting money on traditional shopping. Shop online in style

8- Minute miracles. Try out these products.

Solve all your printing problems

Guess what? Do you want cute and adorable fashion online? So, we are here just for you.

Get more kitchen space with these easy fixes.

See our best fashion deals o Facebook.

Get insider tips on our Facebook page

Pass on the savings to your friend, relatives and family members.

Refer a friend to shop online and save big.

Bring your loved ones to our event and save big.

Bring a friend to our VIP party.

Seema, Earn double points today only while shopping online.

Hot new summer arrivals just for you.

Linda, check out these hand-picked looks and tips

You would not believe who has partnered with us. Just open your mail.

Products the celebs  wearing

Login to your account and shop swimsuits online

Sign up to be notified when titan watches arrives

A new product you would not pass on

Your inside loo all the new 2019 Westside clothing

Your online luxury shopping is waiting for you

New toppings. New dinner plans

Hot new online winter arrivals only for you.

Last chance to save big on this Christmas

Online Store Email Subject Lines

Have you started sending emails to your customers? If not, then start now! Email marketing is a convenient method and budget-friendly. Incorporate email subject lines in your emails.

Email subject line is the first impression that compels subscribers to open your promotional emails. We have discussed some email subject line ideas for promotional emails. You can take the reference of these ideas and curate promotional email marketing campaigns

Best Promotional Email Subject Lines

  • How will you reach to your competitor’s customers?
  • 5 things that make your content great
  • How to reach your target market?
  • Valuable start up growth posts that you are not aware of
  • Best customer referral strategies for SaaS companies
  • How regular meetings must be?
  • How to start a software business if you don’t about coding
  • How you can generate 1 million website visitors in a month

18 lessons that you can learn by exercising

How 23 influencers grew their business?

The best time to send emails

Here why you just spent $2 Million.

My big mail pop up mistake

Kickstarter campaign makes $ 14 K in 26 hours.

How to acquire 2,456 email subscribers from scratch

How to get 1100 new mail subscribers in 28 days.

You have to do this for getting more website traffic

Traffic and conversion newsletter #345

10 experts that share their one epic round up post

Avoid 10 call to action button mistakes

The art of headline writing

76 percent rule of testing a business idea

Most interesting quora marketer in the world

You are the interesting person in the world

You are going to love this discount code

Normally we charge $ 250 for this precious advice.

Last call: SEO that works in 3 hours

Fix your email open rates

Flash sale: name of your product or service on advertising up to 50 percent off

45 hours left : 1 year amazon prime subscription is free

What’s your offer? You will get bumper discount

Your marathon running guide is here.

Here how to increase your savings

How can you grow your YouTube channel?

Are you a best- selling author?

Save up to 25 percent off on shows this winter season

The most important apple I phone features that you are not using.

5008 people cannot be wrong

Use this workout plan

This is the better way to save on insurance

6 tips to make your skin beautiful. Try these products

The truth about buying refrigerator

Facts of using olive oil. It is good for your heart

The problem with cheap sports shoes

Name of the event: Reason for messaging

Let us save up to 20 percent on your heating bills

Are you correct person?

Can we boost your conversion rate?

Idea to increase sales conversion

We just wanted to share this video for you

What are your sales goal?

We found you on Twitter

Thanks for your precious time

We still on for Thursday

6 ways to kill you  next workout with a protein drink

We forgot to mention

We have not stopped brainstorming ideas

We missed you

We have free gifts for you

Free coupons inside. Open and read your mail

Don’t say goodbye

Christmas bumper sale is ending soon

4 New Year gifts for your loved ones and relatives

Warehouse sale. Next weekend

Shop limited edition cosmetic gifts

Is this the same product that you are waiting for?

Are you looking for this service/product?

Good news inside only for our special customers

3 festivals to inspire your next trip

Gift inspiration for Christmas and New year

promotional email subject lines

Do you want to enhance your open rates of the emails sent to the existing customers and prospects? If yes, then email subject lines must be added while sending email on the monthly shopping list to your customers.

Here we have discussed many ideas of monthly shopping list. You can take the reference from these ideas and design your own campaign. I hope that these ideas of email subject lines will increase your open rate.

Shopping Email Subject Lines

  • Do you really have the perfect gift for your hubby?
  • Are you struggling for making monthly shopping list?
  • Have you seen your monthly shopping list?
  • Don’t wait. Just save up to 60 percent off on shopping your monthly grocery
  • Reserve your spot for monthly sales
  • Find out what we have planned for monthly shopping
  • 5 gift ideas for your family and loved ones
  • Learn how to prepare monthly shopping list
  • Stress free monthly shopping at your doorstep

Monthly shopping under $ ( amount of money)

7 reasons to attend ( name of the monthly shopping event)

10 time saving tips  for your house

We are open late. New hours for the monthly shopping

Come and celebrate your monthly shopping day with us

Don’t miss our December bumper bonanza monthly dales only for you

Don’t miss out on your monthly shopping list

You have got only one day left to shop for your monthly requirement

Your monthly shopping list is expiring at midnight

Only this weekend: get off up to 70 percent on your monthly purchase

Harry, earn double points today only

Tonight only: A home maker dream come true

Don’t open this email

Last day to see your monthly shopping list

8 bizarre money habits to avoid

Check out your new monthly shopping list

Is this hottest monthly shopping list?

9 disgusting facts about your monthly shopping list

A surprise gift inside inbox

Deals that make us feel proud

As you wish, don’t open your mail

Avoid these 24 things in your monthly shopping list

Look, what you did. Now don’t cry

Meet with your monthly shopping list

Get a head start for your monthly clothes shopping

Alert. Flash. Sale on monthly shopping

New must haves or add on in your monthly shopping list

This product will not pass on until you will add in your shopping list

Up to 60 percent off if you will shop today

A little luxury at a less price

Complimentary gifts for your family on your monthly shopping

Get priority shopping done

Shop for your monthly requirement without breaking bank

Where do all these shopping items go?

Stop wasting shopping on daily basis

Get more space in your shopping bag

Offering free loot on monthly buy

How to survive for next month

Wanted: affordable and cute monthly shopping items

Stop wasting time on mindless daily shopping

Learn how to shop monthly

How can you afford to get your monthly purchase at low prices

Hey don’t forget to buy monthly. Here is 40 percent off

Prices are dropped for your monthly shopping list

Your account I on hold. Shop now

I am deleting your account

Offering personal discount on monthly shopping

Good news: the price are dropping

Unroll: we have stopped working

We are not going to give on you.

I did not see your name in the comments

You have changed

Crazy invitation for monthly shopping

Quick favour

Thanks for opening this mail

Newsletter for your monthly shopping list

Happy holidays and shop monthly

Invitation from name of the company

Free delivery on monthly shopping

 Shopping Email Subject Lines

It is been estimated by the experts that if you are sending personalized mails, then there are better chances that the subscriber will open your mail. You must share something personal in the emails.

Don’t forget to incorporate email subject lines that will encourage the subscribers to click and read your emails. We have discussed many email subject lines ideas for designing personal emails. So, you can use these ideas and can make your emails attractive.

Personalize Targetting Email Subject Lines

  • Harry, Check out these hand-picked books
  • Happy Birthday Harry, there is surprise inside
  • Harry, do you remember me?
  • I am not able to see your name in the comments.
  • Hey Harry, are you coming to the event?
  • Hey, you have changed. Don’t leave us
  • Hey, I will pick up at 8 pm.
  • Crazy invitation, I am going to buy you dinner
  • Hey Harry, what so you want- Chocolate or Vanilla?

Hey Harry, we love you.

Quick favour. Sale. Flash. Hurry

Are you free this Thursday at 11 am

What are your detailed results?

Hey Harry, thanks for helping us

Two surprise gifts for your friends

Hello Harry, this is a fundraising mail

Best coat ever made.

( name of the company), Sales and marketing newsletter

Hi Harry, we have eye on you.

Hi harry, new arrivals only for you.

Name of the company, December 2018. EBook inside

New shirts or trousers are in stock only for you

We are inviting you Harry to the season’s bumper sale

Happy holidays to you and your family ( name of the company)

You can apply this same concept in managing people

Have you seen this done before?

Hotels and airlines do this all the time

Only 3 seats left on this airline. Hurry up

Only a limited quantity remains for you Harry.

Hey Harry! Do you have the perfect valentine’s gift for your better half?

Are you struggling to find a perfect gift for your dad or mom?

Have you made your holiday plan for New Year?

Hey Harry, Don’t wait! Save up to 60 percent this week

Reserve your spot for New Year Eve

2 gift ideas for your relatives and family members

Hey Harry, do stress-free holiday shopping

4 reasons to attend this event

10 holiday time-saving tips

We are open late hours only for you.

Come celebrate Christmas Eve with us.

Hey Harry, don’t miss our December Bumper Sale

One business technique that will make you a successful entrepreneur

The simplest motivational technique will do wonders.

How to calm your anxiety in just 2 simple steps.

Last-minute gifts that you can sent to your dad

Five steps to reinvent your life

Increase your sales by following these sales tricks

40 percent discounts and sale is ending soon

You can rent a car today for free

Hey Harry, 100 percent off only for you

Convince your boss to give your promotion

Copy our 5 best Facebooks ads and increase your fans

Last chance to grab this sale

Sale of your lifetime. Happy Birthday Harry

The conversion and Traffic Summit 2019

Tomorrow is your day. Congratulations!

Is this you? Please don’t leave us alone.

We knew we are right in your case.

7 steps to convert leads into sales

Your perfect product launch in $11

Please join today.

Your 2000 emails are analysed!!

Click this mail and find your favorite marketing tool

Hey Harry, this course is only for you

The complete guide to reduce your stress levels

Become a certified digital marketing professional.

Great news. Your link is expiring.

  • Yes Peter, this is an money investment mail
  • Presenting you the best coat
  • Hey, human resource newsletter ( name of the company)
  • Name of the company, newsletter December 2018, Psychology
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personalize targeting email subject lines

Writing an attractive email subject line is quite important. You must design your email campaigns in such a way that encourages the subscribers to click on your mail out of greed.

Email subject lines are the best way to create a feeling of greed in your existing customers and prospects. We have discussed some of the best email subject line ideas that you can take the reference from. I hope that these ideas will help to boost the click rates of your emails.

Greed Email subject line Examples

  • Do you want to know how to unclog sink in just 30 seconds
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Greed Email Subject Lines

Are you planning an email marketing campaign? If yes, then these email subject line ideas will help you to increase open rates of your emails. Incorporating email subject lines to attract subscribers to open emails.

Email subject lines is the first impression that compels the subscribers to click and read your mail. You can take the reference of these email subject line ideas for raising curiosity in your customers. Raising curiosity will make them curious to open your mail.

Curiosity Email Subject Lines

  • Kindly don’t open this mail
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  • 8 bizarre money habits that make millennials richer
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Inspire Curiosity Email Subject Lines

Every human being has the desire to liked, wanted and accepted. Hence, you must design email marketing campaign to boost the self-confidence of your customers and prospects. Here, email subject lines play a major role to instigate the subscribers to open and read their emails.

We have discussed many email subject line ideas for leverage vanity. You can use these ideas to boost the opening rate of your emails. I hope these ideas will be helpful to you.

Leverage Vanity Email Subject Lines

  • Don’t wear last year trendy style
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