10 Benefits of Opt-In Email Marketing

Once you get permission from the prospects to send them emails after signing up for your opt-in email form, you’re set to begin with the opt-in email marketing. 

But otherwise, when you just want to get attention from the relevant targeted audience without asking them permission, it is not an opt-in form of email marketing. 

The whole idea of email marketing is to build a long-term relationship with prospects and provide them content, required information or updates, and your products. 

Opt-in email marketing is more of a collection of emails focused to develop a long-term relationship with subscribers. 

Whereas you can just also randomly do bulk emails, you might get some results but it isn’t powerful as opt-in email marketing. 

So if you are not sure why you should choose opt-in email marketing which requires more effort and investment but is totally worth it, then here are the benefits for you. 

why choose opt-in email marketing

It Is Cost-Effective Form Of Marketing 

This might not be the top benefit you can think of from opt-in email marketing but it is true indeed. 

Just like the email marketing strategies you use in your email marketing campaign to grow, the time you invest in the growth of your opt-in email list is also crucial. 

Building an email list might sound a simplistic practice but yet it can be shockingly expensive. 

Also, when you request them to keep this particular mode of communication open and ask for their permission, you will have countless opportunities to present your products or services. 

In terms of the profit you will gain through this open channel, the investment you put in building the contact list apparently seems minuscule. 

This makes opt-in email marketing one of the cost-effective and yet powerful forms of marketing out there. 

It Encourages New Business 

The most important thing for any business is to continuously receive fresh and ready-to-buy customers. 

It is integral to their growth and that’s how they expand over time. But every prospect or leading customer requires time to nurture it and bring them to sale. 

Bringing new business in the form of leads is important. And here comes email marketing which helps you not just reach new leads and turn your visitors to subscribers and eventually customers but also turn customers to repeat customers. 

Again, it also helps you to maintain current customers and make them loyal to consistent providence of support. 

It Increases Your IP Server Reputation 

Opt-in email marketing is the ideal email marketing form as compared to other email marketing methods such as cold emailing. 

It has so much reduced chances of getting spammed since you’re only sending emails to the subscribers who gave you permission regarding it. 

You are not violating GDPR or CAN-SPAM Act and regulations. It is only going to build a strong IP reputation for your email address. 

Your emails will get a strong pass from the spam filters and spam traps. Also, more and more email clients will register your email as a whitelisted reputed business. 

It Improves Communication Between Brands & Prospects 

What a brand inevitably desires is a mode of communication with its prospects and customers with maximum reachability and authority. 

And, opt-in email marketing allows you to effectively communicate with your customers establishing long-term relationships. 

When you improve your communication with your prospects and customers, it started reflecting on your brand engagement and sales as well. 

It also makes your focus more specified as you would know who is the ideal customer with a genuine interest in your product or service. 

A high level of communication between brands and prospects doubles the chances of purchase, to begin with. 

Not to mention, how magnificently it works to build your brand image and put you on the map if you’re relatively new in the market. 

It Reduces Your Chances To Be Labeled As Spam

One of the challenges for email marketers is to stay out of the spam folder and ensure that their emails are ending up in the inboxes of their subscribers. 

If not, this gruesomely impacts the deliverability of their email campaigns. 

It is not easy as there are tons of mistakes that can be made knowingly or unknowingly that lead email marketers to spam folders. 

For example, if you mistakenly use spam-triggering words in your email, chances are you will be filtered out by spam traps & filters in the first place. 

Also, in other cases, if subscribers aren’t familiar with the sender and they keep getting emails that might not be relevant for them, they will mark you as spam. 

That’s why opt-in email marketing is essential and preferred over going without an opt-in strategy. 

However, only one client marking your email as spam won’t be a big deal but if you continue going down this road, more and more recipients will start marking you as spam. 

And that will add up ruining your IP address reputation and hurting your deliverability, also losing your credibility as a genuine sender. 

Single Opt-In & Double-Opt In Options Available 

Most of the brands or businesses who start their opt-in email marketing, seem to choose a single opt-in email list over double opt-in. 

Single opt-in doesn’t require a double confirmation from the users as the first time when they click on the CTA Button and next to the confirmation email to their inbox. 

With a single opt-in form, the moment visitors enter their email address and name into the form appear on the website, they receive the welcome email as a subscriber. 

However, according to industry experts, the single opt-in allows their email list to grow 30 percent faster than those who use the double-opt-in form. 

However, it also depends upon the fact whether single opt-in form subscribers are going to be participating and engaging long enough. 

The most disadvantageous part of using the double-opt-in form is you may miss out on all of those subscribers who forget the second email. 

It is Ideal For Getting Feedback Against Non Opt-in Email Marketing 

If you choose any other form of email marketing where you don’t take permission of the subscriber, you’re sending emails, you couldn’t expect them to respond. 

When they are not expecting your emails, it becomes really hard to assess the situation. 

So, that makes the feedback campaigns quite hard for non-opt-in email marketing. 

Even to ask for feedback, the brand needs to establish some level of regular communication and relationship with the prospects or customers. 

That is something that is only possible through opt-in email marketing, also it is more ethical and customer-friendly. 

Email Marketing Helps You Build Personal Relationship 

Reaching out to customers is becoming more difficult than ever as due to high competition there is just too much marketing going on. 

Your targeted recipients are getting tons and tons of marketing emails on a daily basis. 

Only brands, who are capable of building a connection with users, maintaining a relationship with them are in the business. 

That’s why personalization has become the marketing trend over the years. It also tends to increase the open rates by 26%. 

Because people do not want to engage with corporations and face-less organizations, they want to connect with people. 

Segmentation also helps marketers to reach, actually 760% increase using it in the media revenue. 

Building personal relationships with customers is the backbone of every business communication on which sales rely. 

Email Marketing Help You Customize Customer Experience 

When you connect with the users or customers through email on a consistent basis, you develop a long-term relationship with them. 

Not just that, through this consistent model of credible communication medium, they are able to receive important updates, required announcements, and all contents. 

It can be your recent posts, suggested blogs, or recommended products. In a way, you are customizing the experience of your customers. 

You are regularly feeding them directions on where to move with your product or content and also helping them solve their problems as well. 

You can send custom content to the subscribers depending upon what kind of content they prefer. 

When it comes to selling, aim your efforts and content strategies towards how a particular subscriber is responding to it, increasing the chances of sales. 

Opt-In Email Marketing Helps You Build Brand 

Other email marketing methods, whether you’re cold-emailing or bulk-emailing to a collected list of contacts, aren’t as effective as opt-in emails.  

When you take permission from your subscribers to send them emails, abiding by all the laws and regulations, they tend to take you more seriously. 

You’re basically working to win their attention. Not just opt-in email marketing is more sustainable but also it helps you build a brand. 

It is a long-term solution for web traffic, lead generation, brand awareness, and sales conversions, not a short-term hack. 

Over time, you will gain loyal customers or subscribers who know your brand and consume content regularly from your website & emails.