101+ Catchy Testimonial Email Subject Lines

Is it a little challenging for you to talk to your customer? If so, email marketing is the finest strategy to advertise your goods and solicit consumer reviews.

Include email subject lines so the subscriber can open and read your emails. Here we have discussed the email subject line ideas for testimonial emails. You can design your testimonial email campaigns by taking references from our ideas.

Best Testimonial Email Subject Lines

A quick way to think of you from ( name of the company)

No subject. It is just an email response

Thanks for your purchase. How was our service?

We are offering a 3-month subscription absolutely free.

Click on this link to record a video

Follow this link to record your feedback

Join us.

Seema Mahajan, What is your favorite Pizza?

Here is why Indians choose to drink Coca Cola

Why are we India’s No 1 print news source?

Would you like to have a free spa day?

Last chance to save big.

Really great. We are waiting for your feedback

The fashionable clothes that everyone wants

Customers cannot get enough things

Totally impressed

Meet us and write your experience shopping with us.

Don’t just believe but express your emotions

Your favorite product is all around

Absolute must-have in your wardrobe

Only we need your testimonial

It’s time to get your reviews on our product or service

You deserve a little extra.

Is this is the product that you have been waiting for?

Dear John, please provide your testimonial.

We are waiting for your valuable feedback

Its high time to get personal, Reeta

Get it before it is gone

Please don’t say goodbye

Limited edition: Please provide your feedback.

Choose or lose. Please fill out our form

Your dream vacation rental could go tomorrow

Read out an ultimate guide on testimonial marketing for small businesses

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to provide your feedback.

This link is expiring. Please review us

Last chance to get up to 50 percent off.

Are you still deciding?

Too busy to read this email.

Hmmm….What is this?

Are you looking for this?

Don’t review us

You win by not providing your feedback

Did you know?

You have to see what is in this mail

We want to see something special

Good news inside only for you.

You just killed it!

Break these 5 rules of testimonials.

5 festivals to inspire your next trip

Get inspiration for your holidays. Review us

Please tell me about your experience. Free 365 days shipping

2 days left! Get up to 99 percent off on reviewing us

Don’t wait for extra. Up to 60 percent off on new arrivals.

Party is almost over, but we are waiting for you.

We don’t want to stress you out, but we want your opinion

Your opinion is timeless, but the sale is not.

Gifts for everyone on your list

Free bag of treats

Code inside. You made the cut for 50 percent off on everything

The weekend is almost over, but free shipping is only for you

Hey Sheela, you are going to love these new features.

What is in this mail that you must write about

10 things you should know about indirect mail

6 promotional products perfect for your next review

Today is the last day

Hi Heena, time is running out.

Only 10 seats left. Will you get yours?

Long Monday? Check out this to help you express your views.

Hey, only 4 hours left.

Only 9 tickets left for you

What do you think about us?

RSVP: will you be coming to this open house?

Saturday is the last day to review us.

Testimonial request subject lines

Tell us how we did

Give us your honest review

Share your experience with us

We’d love to hear about your experience

We value your opinion

Your feedback matters to us

Help us improve by sharing your thoughts

Tell us what you think

We’d love to feature your testimonial

Share your story with us

Testimonial Email Subject Lines

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